At Want a Fresh Start, you really do get a chance to start over. Our Avondale bankruptcy lawyer works closely with you to determine if bankruptcy is the best decision for your needs, what it would mean for your future, and how to start the process. As honest, trusted professionals with years of experience, we aim to make the process as efficient as possible to support your best possible outcome.


What Our Avondale Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Do for You Now

The first step in any bankruptcy is to meet with an attorney to discuss your situation. After discussing your options, we will help you to move forward with the bankruptcy process if you decide to do so. If you do, you could see benefits such as:


  • Stop all wage garnishments on the same day – there is no added cost for this
  • Stop all lawsuits against you
  • Stop any foreclosure against you immediately


You can file for bankruptcy today. We offer a one-call, same-day filing option through our experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Avondale. If you talk to us and decide you do not want to move forward, there is no risk to you. Let us answer your questions and help you decide what your legal options are.


Determine Which Type of Bankruptcy Is Best for You

Bankruptcy can be challenging; however, under federal law, you have the right to request for financial discharge of your debts under Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. This gives you several routes to take depending on your situation.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows individuals to request that their debt be forgiven. This type of bankruptcy is meant to liquidate your assets to repay your debts. It will:


  • Quickly discharge – clear away – all of the debt included in the bankruptcy
  • A clean slate – you start to rebuild your credit without having to repay your debt
  • Most types of debt – use this type of bankruptcy for most types of debt, including personal loans, medical bills, credit cards, and more


Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to those who are either individuals or businesses who are at or below the Arizona state median wage and meet other requirements. A bankruptcy trustee will determine if there are any assets you can protect within the law, such as a vehicle, tools for your job, and personal belongings. Any excessive assets are sold off to recoup some of the money for creditors.


Anything else is then discharged in bankruptcy. With the help of our Avondale bankruptcy lawyer, this process takes between 3 and 6 months. After that, you no longer repay that debt. Within about 2 years, you can apply for a mortgage and start rebuilding your financial future.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

For those who wish to maintain more of their assets, our bankruptcy lawyer in Avondale may encourage you to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This method will lead to the discharging of your debt but has a few other steps along the way:


  • Keep your assets – the court does not sell off your assets but instead reorganizes your debt to help make it more affordable to pay off.
  • Less time on your report – You spend 3 to 5 years in a repayment plan, but this type of bankruptcy falls off your credit report within 7 years.
  • Some debt is discharged – you may be able to discharge some debt after that 3 to 5-year repayment period that you still owe.


Chapter 13 bankruptcy is beneficial for those who are facing intense collections actions from student loan lenders and those who wish to maintain their home or other assets. Over a period of 3 to 5 years, you will make payments to the court, which will then pay your creditors. This process can help you get back on track.


If you have previously filed for bankruptcy in the last few years, this option may be available to you. It may also be available to those who earn more income than the state’s means test, which would preclude you from filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


Which type of bankruptcy is best for you?

To answer this question, our bankruptcy attorneys in Avondale will meet closely with you to discuss the specifics of your situation. We will then help you to see the timeline, costs, expected repayment, and impact on your credit that each of these methods requires.


We will also process the Means Test, a qualification under the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Arizona. This allows us to determine if you are eligible to file bankruptcy based on your income.


What Are the Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona?

Filing bankruptcy is often one of the biggest financial decisions of your lifetime for several reasons. First, it is going to create a negative impact on your credit report, and that could remain present for up to 10 years. That means that, especially during the first few years, you may find it hard to obtain new credit, such as buying a car or home.


However, filing bankruptcy in Avondale has a number of potential benefits for those who are struggling:


  • Stop creditors from harassing calls right away.
  • Freeze the foreclosure process so you do not have to leave your home even if you are being foreclosed upon.
  • Get rid of unsecured credit cards and other high-interest debt that is just too expensive for you to pay.
  • Get help for judgments, repossessions, and garnishments.
  • Stop struggling financially so you can work on building financial health over the long term.


If you are unable to pay off your debt within a few years and you are only making minimum payments, your debt could be outside of your ability to repay. Financial strife like this can happen for many reasons:


  • Medical bills
  • Unwise credit card use
  • Inexperience with credit cards
  • Unexpected illness
  • Loss of a job


When you are faced with the inability to make payments, our Avondale bankruptcy attorney can help you determine if bankruptcy is the best decision for your situation.


Bankruptcy Is Your Right in the U.S.

We never encourage those who have the financial means to move towards bankruptcy. There are numerous negative consequences to doing so. However, in the U.S., bankruptcy is your right when you can demonstrate that you do not have the financial means to repay your debt. Here are some of the most important factors you need to remember:


  • It is your right to file for bankruptcy when you meet the eligibility requirements.
  • We are licensed attorneys. This is not a gimmick, and you will receive exceptional support from our team.
  • If you need financial help and do not pursue bankruptcy, you may end up struggling financially for years to come. If you file for bankruptcy, your debt could be eliminated in a few months, and you can start rebuilding.


Do not let the fear of bankruptcy or the stigma that some people have about it limit your financial future. It does not matter how your debt is built up. It matters what you do about it now. We can help you.


Why Choose Want a Fresh Start?

Our attorneys are trusted, highly experienced, and respected. We understand – and are compassionate – to our clients who are facing financial devastation. Our goal is to support you, and that means that we will do all we can to alleviate your anxiety and help you recover from the struggles you are facing.


  • Highly experienced attorneys are ready to work with you. We are happy to offer a free consultation to help you learn more about bankruptcy filing in Arizona.
  • Our team is respected. We are hard-working attorneys dedicated to our clients. That matters because we aim to do whatever we can to support your financial future.
  • Costs are transparent. You will be able to register with us for as little as $200 a month, the lowest fee in the state.


Once you contact us and move forward with the process, the phone calls stop, and you no longer have to worry about losing your home. We will create a plan to help you move your financial future forward, and that means handling your creditors and navigating the legal process for you.


As one of the most affordably priced bankruptcy law firms in Avondale, we are committed to remaining by your side. Even if you are not sure if bankruptcy is the best decision for you, meet with us. We will not pressure you to make a decision. Instead, we will work very closely with you to ensure your rights are always met.


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