File Bankruptcy for Zero Money Down

We even pay your filing fee. You get to choose whether to file with an attorney, or with a paralegal for about half the price. Either way, you are able to file with ZERO DOLLARS out of pocket. We will pay all of the costs for you. You just pay us back, after filing, when you are not paying any other debt. Paying us back in small monthly payments when you have no other debt is pretty easy. You choose:

Attorney Bankruptcy Filing Paralegal Bankruptcy Filing
$246 monthly after filing for 12 months $145 monthly after filing for 12 months
Filing Fee Cannot be Waived Client Can Apply to Waive Filing Fee
Paralegal Prepared Petition Paralegal Prepared Petition
Paralegal Petition Review with Client Paralegal Petition Review with Client
Online Petition Signing Client Signs Petition In Person
Attorney Could Review Petition Before Filing
Paralegal Files Petition Electronically Paralegal Files Petition by U.S. Mail
Paralegal Reviews Court Mail/Notices Paralegal Reviews Court Mail/Notices
Attorney Attends Court Phone Call Paralegal Advises on Court Phone Call
Client Answers Court’s Questions Client Answers Court Questions
Paralegal Available for Follow Up Paralegal Available for Follow Up
Bankruptcy Discharge Received Bankruptcy Discharge Received

This is a typical bankruptcy filing.  The differences between Paralegal Bankruptcy Filing and Attorney Bankruptcy Filing are few.  The biggest difference is the cost.  Paralegal Bankruptcy Filing is nearly half the cost of using an attorney.

There are two service issues that differ. First, the Attorney could review the petition before filing, but it is not required. Second, the attorney will be on the phone during the court phone call.  However, even though the attorney may be on the phone, the attorney cannot answer any questions from the court.  In both cases, the client answers all of the questions from the court.  The last difference is that the Paralegal Bankruptcy Filing is made by U.S. Mail instead of electronic filing.  This may delay the filing by a day or two.

Either way, you can stop garnishments, repossessions, and lawsuits today, with no money.  You can be stress free and not worry about creditor calls and harassment today.  You can get you life back, today, and it won’t cost you anything to file.