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Thank you so much! I wish I had contacted them sooner. The stress prior to the BK is way bigger than the actual filing. I truly appreciate their help and will recommend them to anyone who needs their help!

Bryan Stevenson – Phoenix, AZ

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Thank you so much! I wish I had contacted them sooner. The stress prior to the BK is way bigger than the actual filing. I truly appreciate their help and will recommend them to anyone who needs their help!

Bryan Stevenson – Phoenix, AZ

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Our Glendale, Arizona bankruptcy lawyers have years of experience practicing bankruptcy in Arizona. This gives us familiarity with the laws, courts, and trustees that you will interact with in your case. One of our dedicated bankruptcy lawyers will handle your case from start to finish. We will even guide you through how to improve your credit after your case has been discharged.

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You can take the first step towards a clean financial slate in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Use our online form or call our office to schedule your free consultation- we usually have same day appointments available! We also offer our free initial consultations by phone for your convenience.


When debts get out of control, your financial situation may seem hopeless. You may be afraid to answer your phone or check your mailbox due to creditor collection efforts. You don’t need to live with the constant stress of waiting for the repo man or a process server to come to your door. Bankruptcy may be the answer to your financial issues.

Whether Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the better option for you, our low-cost Arizona bankruptcy lawyers are here to help. We can help you understand the differences between the two chapters, and how each can uniquely affect your situation. Our Glendale and Avondale offices strive to offer affordable rates for those who seek to file bankruptcy in Arizona. Feel free to compare our rates to our competitors, as our initial consultations are free. We also offer payment plans that make filing bankruptcy easier on a budget.

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Hiring a bankruptcy attorney doesn’t need to be a complicated process. The first step is to reach out to us by phone or using our online form. We will schedule a free consultation, either in office or by phone, that works with your schedule. We will help you determine which chapters of bankruptcy you qualify for, and decide which is best for you. When a bankruptcy is carefully planned, you are more likely to achieve your best possible results. To get started, call 623-640-4945 for a consultation at no charge.

How does the Automatic Stay Protect Me in a Glendale Bankruptcy?

When you file your bankruptcy petition, the Automatic Stay goes into effect. The Automatic Stay freezes your assets, which means your creditors can no longer continue with collection efforts. Wage garnishments, bank levies, vehicle repossessions, home foreclosures, creditor calls, and more, must stop once your petition has been filed. With limited exceptions, the Automatic Stay lasts until your case is discharged or dismissed. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, this is generally about 4 to 6 months. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy lasts 3 or 5 years.

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Which is Better – Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13?

One factor to consider when choosing between bankruptcy chapters is whether your assets are protected by bankruptcy exemptions. Therefore, any assets that exceed these limits in equity can be seized in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to auction off and pay creditors. Plus, Arizona doesn’t allow for federal exemptions, and some Arizona exemptions are quite low. Others vary based on your marital status and other factors. You won’t need to worry about protecting your property with exemptions in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Thus, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers can help you figure out if your assets would be protected in Chapter 7, or if you should file Chapter 13 instead. For both types, you will be required to receive credit counseling.

There are other reasons you may need to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead of Chapter 7. For instance, there are strict waiting periods and income limits for Chapter 7 bankruptcy- you must either make less than Arizona’s state median income for your household size, or pass the Means Test. ALso, your case will be dismissed if your income is too high for Chapter 7, and the Automatic Stay will be deactivated. Thus, in this case, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy will mean your case won’t be dismissed for excessive income, and the protections from the Automatic Stay will be extended even longer.

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There are several signs that you may be headed for bankruptcy, such as:

  • You regularly fail to pay some of your bills by their due dates
  • You never answer the phone for unknown numbers as it may be a bill collector calling
  • You’re worried about your vehicle being repossessed, or facing a home foreclosure
  • Your creditors have threatened to file a lawsuit against you
  • When you write checks, they sometimes bounce
  • You have taken out one or more payday loans
  • You borrow money from friends and loved ones that you probably won’t be able to pay back
  • Giving up daily necessities and putting off certain expenses to make ends meet
  • You are only able to qualify for loans with predatory interest rates
  • You are unlikely to be able to pay off the debt on your own

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When Filing Bankruptcy Can Benefit You Through Debt Relief

The bankruptcy laws that may apply in your situation can be beneficial to you during the bankruptcy process. Filing for bankruptcy can give you the debt relief you need, and with the help of a Glendale bankruptcy attorney, you can find guidance on applicable bankruptcy laws.

Our Glendale bankruptcy team can help protect your financial future and stop creditor harassment when declaring bankruptcy. Take a look at each bankruptcy chapter if you are having financial difficulties and see how they can help you manage your overwhelming debt in Glendale, Arizona.

Benefits of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Glendale

One of the best benefits of declaring bankruptcy for Chapter 7 is that it gives you a fresh start. Under this bankruptcy code, all unsecured debts are discharged, meaning that your debt situation will improve drastically. You will only have secured debt remaining.

You will also have immediate protection from creditors from the moment you file since they will be banned from their collection efforts. With this form of Glendale debt relief under Arizona bankruptcy laws, any wages you earn or property you acquire after filing bankruptcy in Glendale are yours and cannot be taken by creditors or Arizona bankruptcy courts. There is no minimum debt amount required, and your bankruptcy case will be discharged within a few months.

Speak with our Arizona bankruptcy attorneys; they can further explain Arizona bankruptcy law and whether you should file. Chapter 7 has great bankruptcy protection but it does have drawbacks. You will lose any non-exempt property, which will be sold by the trustee. Your unsecured debt will be gone but secured assets like cars or homes are not covered by the exemptions.

Additionally, a foreclosure on your home is only protected temporarily if you used an automatic stay. Anyone who cosigned a loan can be stuck with your other debts unless they file for protection. Also, if you already filed this type of bankruptcy to save yourself from financial distress, you must wait eight years before you can file it again.

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Benefits of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Glendale

Chapter 13 is another bankruptcy option to relieve your debts. With this option, you can choose a repayment plan that allows for monthly payments that can help you keep your property, whether it is exempt or not. The affordable payment plans restructure your debt to provide debt relief.

The AZ lawyers at our debt relief agency find that most consumers want to eliminate debt with these debt relief options. Your bankruptcy attorney will also explain that your debts are not discharged, but rather, reduced. This still protects you from wage garnishment and harassing phone calls from collections.

Filing a bankruptcy in Glendale using Chapter 13 also means you get greater bankruptcy relief for other unsecured debt. If you had a cosigner or any personal loans, this type of bankruptcy provides them with immunity. Your home will also be protected from foreclosure as long as you meet the terms of your plan, which often includes credit counseling and other requirements.

However, there are disadvantages that your bankruptcy attorney can further explain. Our Arizona lawyers for emergency bankruptcy filing want you to have complete information about our debt relief services. Under Chapter 13, your cash is tied up with the plan for repayment. This type of bankruptcy is complex, and will have a greater filing fee and legal fees. It will also take longer, generally 3 to 5 years to resolve your debt.

How Bankruptcy Attorneys Can Help You in Glendale, AZ

Filing bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona, is the chance for a fresh start that you need. At Bankruptcy Law Network, our AZ lawyers have seen many good people struggle with their financial situation after incurring major medical bills. Beyond medical bills, there are many reasons why your debt could snowball out of control.

You need legal representation from an experienced attorney who will stand by your side during your court hearing and help you navigate this complex process. A bankruptcy lawyer can help you with filing bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona. Meet with a legal professional from Bankruptcy Law Network for a free initial consultation to help you review your options. We can help you relieve any worries that loom over your professional life.

A Glendale, AZ bankruptcy lawyer understands federal law and all applicable laws in Glendale, Arizona, and surrounding areas like West Valley and Cave Creek. Set up an appointment on Bankruptcy Law today.

Glendale Bankruptcy by Phone for Your Convenience

Our Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers understand just how busy our clients are, and strive to make filing bankruptcy as simple and efficient as possible. That’s why we offer almost every step of our bankruptcy services by phone. Glendale, Arizona residents have the option to file bankruptcy by phone with our firm. Stay home, avoid the heat and traffic, and let us take care of the rest.

Your 341 Meeting of Creditors may be held in person, but you have the option to never step foot in our office. Or, you can choose a hybrid approach- complete your bankruptcy petition by phone, and sign it and prepare for your hearing in office. Let us know what works best for you. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and accommodating customer service.

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Easy process and we filed the same day. What a difference it has made in our life. We started rebuilding our credit the very next month with their payment plan! I’m happy, my husband is happy, and we owe it to Bankruptcy Law Network.

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Thank you so much! I wish I had contacted them sooner. The stress prior to the BK is way bigger than the actual filing. I truly appreciate their help and will recommend them to anyone who needs their help!

Bryan Stevenson - Phoenix, AZ

The legal team at Bankruptcy Law Network really DID give me and my family a fresh start. It’s amazing how fast debts can pile up when you least expect it. Thank you so much everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy is an action taken by individuals who owe money to creditors and can no longer continue to make their payments. It liquidates most of their debts and restructures the remaining payment plan to give them a fresh start.
In order to file bankruptcy, your income must be less than the median income for Arizona for your family size, or you must pass the Means test. The Means test is based on your income and expenses, and uses a formula to determine who may qualify to file bankruptcy.
Bankruptcies are considered public record, but are not advertised. Anyone can call the court and ask if you have filed bankruptcy, but filings are not published in a newspaper for all to see. The only people notified of your bankruptcy are your creditors or anyone you choose to tell.  The duration of time that a bankruptcy will appear on your credit report largely depends on the type of bankruptcy you file. There are two primary types of bankruptcy for individuals: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

It depends on the type of business you own. Some corporations are independent of their owners, which means that a personal bankruptcy filing will not affect the business itself. However, it can affect a partnership claim. Discuss your concerns with your attorney!

In most situations, debtors who file bankruptcy will get to keep their house and vehicle if they are current with the loan payments. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will continue making payments on the house or car.
There are a variety of assets exempt from bankruptcy filings including retirement accounts, unemployment benefits, money earned after filing bankruptcy, money received for alimony and child support, personal items, household goods, wildcard exemptions, and property such as your house or car.
Once bankruptcy has been filed, the automatic stay goes into effect. This puts an immediate stop to all collections efforts including contact of any kind from creditors, wage garnishment, repossession, foreclosure, and more.
As long as your spouse is not a co-signer or legally liable for any of the debts involved in your bankruptcy claim, they will not be affected by you filing for bankruptcy. Their credit score will remain the same and the bankruptcy will not show on their credit reports.
Yes, the automatic stay goes into effect against all types of collections efforts. This includes most civil lawsuits. If you have a lawsuit filed against someone else at the same time your bankruptcy case is filed, the lawsuit will be considered an asset of your bankruptcy estate.
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